Dear all

I just wanted to send out a personal thanks to everyone who bought a copy of Life of Pies over the past month or so. In total, I sold 182 copies, after shifting around 5 all year previously. I had about 80 copies in my warehouse (shed) and have managed to sell those and get half of the warehouse stock sent to me to ship to actual customers!!

I am a decent accountant, an average writer but I am woeful at marketing and it is completely my own fault that it got to this stage. So, I nervously put out a desperate call and got a magnificent response. It’s really heartening to know that there are so many people like me who still cherish a physical book these days!!

Of the 312 copies about to be pulped I have already rescued half of them. I’ve got around 60 copies in stock here at home and if I can sell the bulk of those before Christmas, then I will be arranging collection of the rest and NO BOOKS WILL BE PULPED!! Thank you so much for getting me this far!

Finally, if I can ask one last favour and in the spirit of me getting better at marketing, if you wish to stay in touch, then I’ve put some social media links below. Because I never learn my lesson, I will probably be working on a 10 year follow up edition next year, which will be more of a Good Pie Guide. Much like the Beer one, but for pastry.

PS it will be print on demand this time, otherwise my wife will kill me

PPS Feel free to ignore the links below if you like. But if not, every little helps, so thanks in advance

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Martin Tarbuck