pieminster1There’s a Pieminster around the corner from my place of work. Add this to the Pie & Ale house on Lever Street and the Tib Street Tavern who sell fantastic Great North Pies and you’ve got a formidable triumvirate and there’s an argument to say the Northern Quarter should be renamed the Pie Quarter. Furthermore, the Crusty Cob is only a mile or so away, whose pies you can also find on here if you search around a bit.

Of course head into the Arndale and it’s a different story. They say in London you’re never more than six feet away from a rat. In Manchester you’re never more than six feet away from a Greggs. But seek a little further and we shall find

Anyway, Pieminster – you’ve probably heard of them. Bristol based and full of passion for pies. Because they’re big and successful at what they do, I perhaps tried my best to find fault with them plus they charge a bit more than your back street butcher for a pie. However, this was an exceptionally good pie. Lots of lush ingredients with tasty gravy, soft carrots and large quantities of steak throughout encased in a delicate crust.

I think I’ve just decided where I’m going for lunch today – I can almost see it from my window……


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You’ll receive it as soon as I’ve finished my pie!


 No.1 Rounds of Prestons

No. 2 Deacons of Westoning

No. 3 Murdochs Macaroni Pie

No. 4 Greenhalghs Vindaloo Pie