wienholtspieWhoops I nearly missed a day again. Oh well, just time for me to revert to an old favourite I’ve previously blogged about on here.  

I’d heard a rumour off one of the chaps on Twitter that they call their sausage rolls HAM ROLLS what with it being in the leafy footballer’s abode of Alderley Edge. Sure enough there they were on the shelves, along with a veritable cornucopia of decorative and sumptuous looking pies and bakes.

The turkey and mushroom looked intriguing if a little small and the pasties, well they looked like sausage rolls, or do I mean ham rolls.

In the end I resorted to a trusty steak pie and what a fiery little specimen this was. Look at that filling coming flying out at you, a truly marvellous pie. 

As for the pasty, well it was again a touch spicy with a bit of carrot in it and very distinct and unusual.


All in all, Wienholts is a little cracker of a bakers whether you’re looking for pies, savouries or hypotisingly colourful cakes.

There’s another 313 pies like the above featured in Life of Pies. If you want to order a copy of the book for just £9.99 plus postage please click this link to order

You’ll receive it as soon as I’ve finished my pie!

No.1 Rounds of Prestons

No. 2 Deacons of Westoning

No. 3 Murdochs Macaroni Pie

No. 4 Greenhalghs Vindaloo Pie

No. 5 Pieminster Shamrock Pie

No.6 The Crusty Cob

No.7 The French Oven Minced Beef and Mushy Peas Pie

No.8 The Rolling Pin

No. 9 Walkers Pork Pie 

No.10 Potts Pies

No.11 Scouse Pie

No.12 Dickinson & Morris Creamy Chicken Pie

No.13 Plested Pies of Southampton

No.14 Haffners Meat and Potato Pie

No.15 Treflach Farm Pork & Apple Pie

No.16 TJ Parry-Jones & Daughters