treflach1I actually cooked a big apple pie last night. Trust me this is unusual as a) I’m a crap cook and b) I don’t generally mess around with sweet pies. But what about mixing the two up?

Fruit topped pies are an interesting phenomenon and go most notably with pork. Imagine my glee one Monday morning when I was driving back from Conwy in North Wales and I pulled off the A55 to visit the Penmaenmawr Spar (easy for you to say) and saw this little delight upon the shelves.

It’s bigger than it looks actually, and it cost nearly two quid. And it’s not Welsh either, Treflach Farm is in Shropshire.

All that aside it’s a little cracker, pork and apple go together perfectly, with the added benefit that it counts towards one of your five a day. Anyway, I’ve got a book to get to the printers……


There’s another 313 pies like the above featured in Life of Pies. If you want to order a copy of the book for just £9.99 plus postage please click this link to order

You’ll receive it in around er……..86 days!

No.1 Rounds of Prestons

No. 2 Deacons of Westoning

No. 3 Murdochs Macaroni Pie

No. 4 Greenhalghs Vindaloo Pie

No. 5 Pieminster Shamrock Pie

No.6 The Crusty Cob

No.7 The French Oven Minced Beef and Mushy Peas Pie

No.8 The Rolling Pin

No. 9 Walkers Pork Pie 

No.10 Potts Pies

No.11 Scouse Pie

No.12 Dickinson & Morris Creamy Chicken Pie

No.13 Plested Pies of Southampton

No.14 Haffners Meat and Potato Pie