scouseThere is a strong movement out there residing in a number of quarters ranging from the British Pie Awards to my associates at Pie Rate regarding the classification of a pie.

Essentially, if it’s not fully encased it’s not a pie. If it only has a top crust or indeed no crust at all – looking at you here Cottage & Fish Pies – then it’s nothing more than a pie charlatan.

I have tried to remain true to these principles throughout the book but for me, it’s not just a matter of principle – there is another reason. It’s because being brought up in Wigan we learn to eat pies with our hands.

It’s one of those essential things you learn as a child after learning to tell the time and riding a bike but definitely before learning how to shave. You just can’t do that if a pie’s surface area is not 100% or at the very least 75% pastry. Fruit topped growlers in particular seem to be ensconced in that no mans’ land of tentative acceptability.

I have however allowed myself a “regional variation exclusion” rule in certain circumstances. If a particular pie is prevalent in one region then I have felt duty bound to sample it regardless of it’s crust dimensions.

The Scouse Pie is one such example. Make no bones about it – unless you need to mix up a stock to produce it arf arf: It’s not a pie, It’s a hot pot and not only that it was bloody hard to find one. Notorious Liverpool bakers Sayers don’t sell it, nor did the handful of independents I visited. 

I eventually struck gold at GH Farrer’s Butcher in Orrell Park where this little bundle of fun will set you back a mere ninety nine pence.


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You’ll receive it as soon as I’ve finished my pie!

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