If you are wondering why this blog hasn’t been updated for a while, it is because I have moved on to a new, exciting follow up project.

The Good Pie Guide is coming soon, and I am busy compiling details from hundreds of pie purveyors up and down the country. If you want to add your favourite or suggest a pie I need to try, just drop me a line here.

I am down to less than a hundred copies of Life of Pies, so you can still buy a copy here for just £4.99 plus p&p.

I still get an order or two every week, and there are still lots of great recommendations in there. I am currently in the process of checking which of the featured 314 pie proprietors are still going, and sadly not all of them are ☹

The Life of Pies journey started in Jan 2012, finished in Jan 2014 and was finally released in October 2014 after some messy business getting Chinese printed books through HM Customs. I have definitely got a year or so of work ahead, including lots of first person pie research, which is the best bit!! And sadly been lacking these past 18 months!

So to those, who have asked me about doing a follow up to Life of Pies, well, there you go. How does a glossy, colour, rebranded ten year anniversary edition sound?

In a moment of perfect karma, just as the last copy of the Life of Pies finally leaves my clutches in a year or two, it will be time to take collection of this decade’s pie bible. Exciting stuff eh?

In the meantime, I have got pies to eat. And if you do want a copy of Life of Pies, then you’d better be quick