coverThe Googling

The map routing

The nervous wait in the queue

The shop assistant banter

The sights and smells, oh those wonderful smells

The eating of pies

The adventure

The endless, horrendous traffic

The embarrassing moments


The burning lips

The widening hips

The spillage

The supermarket trawling

The back street rambling

The beautiful mornings

The stinking hangovers

The 600 miles in a day

The five pies in a day

The salivating

The crippling heartburn

The gluttony

The disappointment

The delight

The amazing discoveries

The scoring

The collation

The league tables

The write up

The observations

The sights

The pictures

The glorious scenery

The urban sprawl

The proof reading

The spell checking

The copy editing

The…er no I’d best not put that bit in

The content chopping

The photo selection

The cover shot

The design 

The layout

The pre-orders: 103 of them!

The print formatting

The final nod


And with that it is gone… the printers

It’s probably a full 365 days behind when it was initially meant to be completed but what can I say….I couldn’t stop eating pies

On 5th August 2014 “Life of Pies” went off to the printers and will be returned within the next 8-12 weeks and released a few days later.

If you pre-ordered you’ll receive your copy first. If you still want to pre-order you can do here

Now, what on earth am I going to do with all this spare time I have got back?