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Buy the Life of Pies

bookcoverA self published, self funded travelogue epic in search of the perfect pie, written with humour, observation and downright desperation.

Over 500 copies have been sold to date of Life of Pies which means that there's less than 500 left to get your mitts on.

This is my ultra positive way of saying I've still got a shed full of the buggers left and I had to pay the printers on the credit card....

So here's the details…..

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What's Your Favourite Pie?

Meat and Potato - 28.5%
Steak and Kidney - 14.5%
Chicken and Mushroom - 6.8%
Steak and Ale - 25.1%
Cheese and Onion - 6.3%
Pork - 6.8%
Chicken Balti - 5.8%
Butter - 6.3%

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